6th Annual Boo Bash Time!

REMINDER:  Because this is a charity event, costumes must be PG-13.  

Boo Bash is at Full Capacity!  Sorry no more tickets available.

New for Boo Bash this year.  Please see FAQ below.

Boo Bash 2017 FAQ's

When: Friday Oct 27, 2017

Where: No Label Brewing Co in Katy, Tx

Time: 6:30 to 10:00


Since tickets are free, can I invite all my friends? ANSWER: This event is by invitation only… meaning the invitations you extend need to be approved by MHHA first since we have such a big MHHA family network that want to attend. (*You do not have to get every individual invite approved through us. We want you to invite people who helped you save MHHA. If they helped save MHHA, then they are considered first priority.)

First Priority tickets are for all of those who helped with the Save MHHA Campaign after Hurricane Harvey. If any tickets are still available, we will open this up for you to invite more friends.

How many tickets can we reserve? ANSWER: Donation team captains and MHHA sponsor donors (sponsors are $500 & up) can reserve up to 10 tickets

Everyone who helped in any capacity to save MHHA from sharing our posts to donating can requests 2 tickets per couple/family. Hidden teens/young adults are not included in your 2 ticket limit, however, they do need to still be registered. (Meaning, if you helped and Mom, Dad and hidden teen wants to attend, you can request 3 tickets)

If you would like to be put on the waitlist for more tickets, please message me and I will be glad to do so. We are hoping to fulfill as many requests as possible.


Provided by Swinging Door BBQ – Includes 3 meats and sides with water and ice tea.

Do you have a gluten free option (or other dietary need options)? – ANSWER: Unfortunately, no not this year. Because of the Hurricane Harvey scramble, our funds and timing is limited. We are so excited to be able to offer this celebration at no charge to you, but do not have the ability at this time to offer special food request meals.

Solution: Please feel free to bring your own meal to No Label. If you do not have any dietary restrictions, we ask you enjoy the Swinging Door bbq. We are paying for your meal and want you to enjoy!


For the 21 and above crowd, is No Label beer available? ANSWER: Yes! Your evening includes 2 hours of open bar to enjoy their wide selection of craft beers. Please use responsibly and plan your designated driver.

Can I bring outside beverages? ANSWER: Non-alcoholic beverages you may bring in. However, absolutely no outside alcoholic beverages are allowed.

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