MHHA / Boo Bash Update from Keri (Mik's Mom):

Dear MHHA friends and family, since 2012, we have proudly hosted the Boo Bash to help raise funds for our upcoming year socials (especially Anti-PROM). As many of you know, this past year has been an extra difficult and time-consuming year for the Aschoff/McWhorter family and many of our core Mik's Hidden Hearts Alliance volunteers families.

Mik and I know without a doubt MHHA would not be what we are all these years later without the thousands of hours volunteered through our family and dear friends.

Because of the many hardships and time constraints, we have had to put a pause on Boo Bash this year to put our focus on our family. Our focus is especially Papaw McWhorter who has been a champ through his difficult journey to have a heart and liver transplant and Nana McWhorter who has been a rock through all of this. Many of you know and love Nana and Papaw who have worked many hours at our events and behind the scenes to help serve our chronically ill youth.

Boo Bash has a special place in our hearts, First, what was meant to isolate our family (Dysautonomia) actually brought together our family, extended family and many friends (FRAMily) to join forces to help serve at MHHA events. It has always been like a family reunion at each event and we have been so thankful.

Boo Bash was also originally created to take a negative day of ours (Oct. 23, 2010) which was the first day Mik collapsed into a positive day where we put our focus on bringing joy to other chronically ill youth and their families for a much needed fun night out with people who understand their journey.

So many beautiful friendships have developed over the years because of MHHA and we know God deserves the honor for touching all of your hearts to make MHHA possible and events like Boo Bash where we were always blessed to fundraise exactly what we needed to move forward the next year's socials.

Although Boo Bash is on pause for this year, we are currently seeking and interviewing potential event planners or other charity organization to host the annual Anti-PROM in the spring with a fun casino night and prizes.

We have been blessed with a generous donation to keep MHHA afloat during this hard time, but whoever or whichever organization is able to take on Anti-PROM, there will be more fundraising needed to help accommodate the number of chronically youth who would like to attend.

The perfect event planner or charity organization will be one that can plan the event from start to finish. Handle all the details in the background and organization of the actual event. I will be an advisor and have oversight for the planning, but can not do the day to day tasks (so many to count to coordinate that big amazing event). I would still run the actual day / speak / etc as always, but all the heavy detail lifting would be via the event planner.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in the position, please have them contact me at my personal email address

I also want to thank all of your for your patience since I have been slow to respond to calls and messages the past few months. Because of the number of messages I receive on a daily basis, if I have overlooked your message, please resend and I will work diligently to get back with you.

Thank you all for your understanding and prayers as we walk this new journey. It is bittersweet for us Aschoffs and McWhorters as we love MHHA families from the bottom of our hearts. This is not an easy decision, but we know it is the right one.

It is our hope and prayer to be announcing Anti-PROM 2019 information in early January.

Peace and Blessings,
Keri and Mik Aschoff

Finding HOPE to teens and young adults with Dysautonomia and other life-changing chronic illnesses.

Our Purpose:  To bring optimism, fun and joy to teens and young adults who live with Dysautonomia and other life-changing chronic illnesses.  Our focus is on the fun!

MHHA mission objectives:

Dysautonomia Awareness
Events and community service projects to highlight Dysautonomia and its effects on youth and their families and to encourage more research in this much needed area.

Social Outreach
Outreach program to foster our growing community and to help hidden teens and young adults to get out of the home in order to experience fun socials like our can't-miss events like our annual Anti-Prom!  

"After being diagnosed with Dysautonomia as a freshman in high school, Mikaela Aschoff founded Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance, spreading hope to others struggling with chronic illnesses."

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