Anti-PROM Registration is CLOSED.  At max capacity.  Contact us to get on waitlist

Who can attend Anti-PROM?   Any chronically ill youth with any life-changing chronic illness (ages 12 and up).  Our chronically ill young adults and alumnae are welcome to attend too.    

*Please note:  Because a waitlist is expected and due to limited tickets and coordination of prizes, please contact us asap if you will be unable to attend so another hidden youth will be able to go.  

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to Mik's Hidden Hearts Alliance Terms to participate in this event.  **Please see Special Anti-PROM rule in red below.  

*Special Anti-PROM rule (in addition to Terms of Use) - MHHA hidden teens are some of the most mature, appreciative and responsible youth we are lucky to work with.  Though we do not anticipate any issues, please remember Anti-PROM is a charity event and to be on your best behavior or your parent/guardian will have to come pick you up early.   Many hidden teens are wiser beyond their years and Anti-PROM is a refuge to have a fun teen social without any possible uncomfortable distractions or negative behavior.  

***DRESS CODE:  Because we are a non-profit charity of teens ages 12 and up, we ask all, including guests of hidden youth, to please dress respectfully.  No jeans/denim of any kind is allowed.  Semi-formal to formal attire only

Guys -  need to be in a suit, tux or dress slacks with nice shirt (vest is acceptable)  

Gals - semi-formal or formal attire.  No major skin showing (if you have to ask, the answer is probably yes).  No deep v-necks, high cut skirts, etc.  Kindly be respectful of this please.

Please note photography will be at this event and pictures may be used for future MHHA events and/or awareness campaigns.  By attending this event, you agree that you understand you may be photographed and your photo maybe utilized in various MHHA campaigns.  Due to the size of this function, it will be impossible for guests to opt out of the photography.

**SOLICITATION PROHIBITED: There is no soliciting our guests in printed or verbal form. If you would like to be a sponsor, you can include printed material in our Swag Bags. Must be received by 4/1/2018 or printed materials can not be included in the Swag Bags.  (Verbal solicitation is not allowed, regardless of sponsorship.  We dearly appreciate our sponsors, but want to make sure our guests are the focus this night.)

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